Chamber manufacture and transportation

The OxyHelp Hyperbaric Capsules are built to the highest standards of design
and engineering to deliver top-of-the-line products to clients worldwide

Proudly made in the European Union

OxyHelp chambers are designed and fabricated in the European Union by specialized engineers using high-quality components sourced after careful consideration and quality testing.

We aim to build a product that exceeds the expectations of our customers and helps them build and maintain optimum health using oxygen therapy.

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Our mission to champion HBOT technology

We have consolidated our know-how with extensive research and documentation in the theoretical aspects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to actually bring innovation in the field, like digitally controlled operation systems or highly efficient ventilation for safety and comfort.
We have sourced the best providers of materials and auxiliary technology to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of this amazing line of technological equipment – the monoplace and multi-place hyperbaric low-pressure chambers.

Research and documentation

Digitally controlled operation systems

Highly efficient ventilation

Safety and comfort

Quality engineering

Premium materials

International partners

We work with top quality international equipment manufacturers

Oxygen concentrator

Automatic pneumatic controls

Resin fiber loop mattress and pillow

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    Transportation and worldwide delivery

    We work with a worldwide logistics company to help with the transportation of our hyperbaric chambers to any address on the planet. Our shipment partners offer the best quotations and lead times on the market, a guarantee based on our long-standing business relation with the logistics company.

    Land transport for shipment
    to inland European Union locations

    Boat transport for shipment
    to worldwide locations

    Air transport for shipment
    to worldwide locations

    Our fair share of satisfied customers

    We have already shipped and installed our hyperbaric chambers in over 20 countries like –
    Japan, USA, Hawaii, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Russia, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria etc.

    Dedicated technicians for setup and installation

    All OxyHelp chambers are installed by a team of trained technicians to help our customers setup their capsules according to precise technical specs and parameters. Installation is followed by training sessions and theoretical education regarding the use of OxyHelp chambers and the medical protocols of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

    Classifications and regulations

    The OxyLife I chamber is currently marked and sold as a non-medical device, with a software limitation of 1.5 ATA pressure. OxyHelp chambers are built for 2 ATA max working pressure with automatic controls (touch panel).

    All chambers are built according to PVHO (Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) standards (X-Ray, ultrasounds and dye penetrant liquids inspections) by authorized laboratories.

    Following the CE certification for Class IIB medical devices, the software upgrade for 2 ATA pressure will be soon available. Consequently, all Class IIB certified medical device chambers (same product, current model) can be upgraded to sustain increased pressures.

    International quality certifications

    ISO 13485

    Medical devices — Quality Management Systems (QMS)

    ISO 9001

    Internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard

    CE Certification

    Conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards

    BS EN 14931:2006

    Pressure vessels for human occupancy (PVHO)

    SEK standards (Japanese)

    Antibacterial interior – internationally certified